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Globe Business Directory is useful for all your business to business as well as business to client advertising. When you choose to use our business listing services, you are guaranteed of:
  • Greater visibility
  • Stronger online presence at the top of the organic search rankings on Google
  • Greater traffic to your website
  • Affordable listing services

Why List with Globe Business Directory?

Many businesses rely on social networks and print advertisements to catch the attention of local buyers. However, there is one medium that continues to be the preferred way of looking for relevant information – the Yellow Pages.

According to results of a study published in 2011 by the Local Search Association, 76 percent of people used the Internet yellow pages when they wanted to find a local business.

What these findings imply is that for businesses that seek to improve their financial bottom line, there is nothing that gives as much visibility as an online business directory. Place an ad on Globe Business Directory to make the most of the millions of potential customers who use the Internet to shop.

How Business Listings Will Help Your Company?

Search engines crawl all over the Internet, looking for relevant information to provide to the customer who browses the Internet. When your business is listed in any US local yellow pages directory, it draws the attention of the search engines.

This helps you get greater online visibility and as a result, more and more people begin to visit your website. By listing your business in the US online yellow pages, you gain credibility as a reputable business organization and over time, this translates into greater volume of sales.

Sign up with Globe Business Directory and increase the traffic your website draws.

Company Website vs Online Business Directory Listing

In today’s world where most people do most of their shopping online, no business can afford to not have an online presence. Realizing this, many small businesses invest in having a website. However, this alone cannot often guarantee you greater visibility. The reason – it can be quite difficult to get the attention of the search engines. Unless you manage to do this, your business does not appear at the top of the organic search rankings.

When you list your business with Globe Business Directory, it shows up as a link to your website and this builds your credibility with the search engines, helping you draw greater traffic to your website. And as any astute businessman knows, once this happens, you stand a much better chance of successfully closing a sale.

Every business looks for extraordinary results from a b2b and b2c advertising campaign. Advertise your business on the Globe Business Directory website and you are sure of such results because we guarantee that your ads appear prominently in search engine results.

As customers increasingly take to the Internet to do their shopping, this is the best time to consolidate your online identity.

Sign up with Globe today! and gain credibility as one of the most reputable businesses in your area through the local listings provided by Globe Business Directory.

Listing Features

Display a map on your page that shows your customers exactly where your business is!

Website Link
Display a link to the listings website. Display the actual link or mask it with text such as "View Website".

Image Gallery
Add, edit, delete images from the image gallery. Includes automatic thumbnailing and resizing. Users may click thumbnailed images to view a larger version. Images are searchable by the image description.

Product Gallery
Add, edit, delete images from the product gallery. Includes automatic resizing of product images. Users may set expiration dates of products and include payment button code. Products are searchable.

Documents Gallery
Add, edit, delete images from the product gallery. Allowed document types are defined by the admin along with limited file sizes. Documents are searchable by their description.

View and add reviews for listings. Allow visitors to add reviews for listings, and view the reviews left by other visitors right from the listing display page.

Mail to a Friend
Allow visitors to mail information about a listing to an email of their choice.

Send Message
Allow visitors to contact listing owners through a web based form.

Allow visitors to print listings in a clean printable page format.
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Globe Business Directory is one of the fastest growing Online US Yellow Pages Services in the USA.
With millions of listings Globe helps businesses in USA to get noticed, stand out and be exposed to millions of users on the internet.
We are proud to announce the launch of the new B2B B2C internet portal
411 US YELLOW PAGES which will take place in November 2012.
Improve your visibility! Online Yellow Pages reach 2.1 billions Internet users worldwide.
Usage of the US Yellow Pages Doubles every year with 271.1 millions Internet users in North America.
Stand Out! There were 555 millions websites worldwide in December 2011; 300 millions websites were added in 2011.
Stay connected with potential customers. There are 3.146 billions email accounts worldwide.
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